Welcome! Thinking about trying speedskating?

Speedskating is a life long sport. If you can skate, you can speed skate. It’s a wonderful, low impact workout for ALL ages.

Were you inspired by the Olympics? Have you seen Apolo Anton Ohno enough on the Subway commercials and are curious? Do you have a kid that just wants to go fast? Whatever the reason… we are glad that you have found our site!

This site is intended to provide information for the beginning speedskater and help you get started. This site also provide news and info to members of the Greater MN Speedskating Association.

Let’s get you skating!


The Oval to Open Saturday, November 7th!

Sharpen those blades! The Oval is opening on Saturday, November 7th. Sign up to skate on GMSA ice and mark your calendars to volunteer at the AmCup, the John Rose Open and weekend time trials.

2015-2016 GMSA Long Track Ice Sign Up or sign up online at http://bit.ly/1GRrtNd

2016 Long Track GMSA Speedskating Schedule